Micklem Lab

University of Cambridge


Toxoplasma: parasitic subversion of host function

"body": "Infection by members of the parasitic protozoan phylum Apicomplexa, such as Plasmodium (malaria) and Toxoplasma are major causes of morbidity and mortality worldwide. The problem is further compounded by the efficacy of drug treatment waning due to the emergence of drug resistance in the parasites in questions.

This project uses genomic and proteomic methods to further our understanding of host-parasite interactions during Toxoplasma infection. Specifically, we aim to study the manner in which the parasite controls gene expression for growth and development, and how the parasite disrupts host function through protein secretion. Insights into these mechanisms have the potential to be used for therapy development.

A project in collaboration with Jim Ajioka in Pathology and Arnab Pain at KAUST.