Micklem Lab

University of Cambridge


Data integration

We have created and continue to develop the data warehouse system InterMine, as well as a number of databases that use the system, including FlyMine for the Drosophila community, modMine for modENCODE project data, and metabolicMine for human, rat and mouse metabolic disease data. We are currently in the process of developing HumanMine for a wide range of human genetic data.

In collaboration with a number of major model organism databases, we lead the InterMOD consortium – an initiative to implement InterMine databases for budding yeast, nematode worm, rat, mouse, zebrafish and fruit fly, as well as creating cross-organism analysis tools to enable users to benefit from their diverse datasets.

More information on the InterMine system is available at http://www.intermine.org. For links to the known public InterMine databases, see our Resources page.

Selected publications

InterMine: a flexible data warehouse system for the integration and analysis of heterogeneous biological data 2012 Bioinformatics Smith RN, Aleksic J, Butano D, Carr A, ..., Micklem G
modMine: flexible access to modENCODE data 2012 Nucleic Acids Research Contrino S, Smith RN, Butano D, Carr A, ..., Micklem G
FlyMine: an integrated database for Drosophila and Anopheles genomics 2007 Genome Biology Lyne R, Smith R, Rutherford K, Wakeling M, ..., Micklem G