Micklem Lab

University of Cambridge


modENCODE DCC: A Data Coordination Centre for the model organism ENCODE project

Funding body NIH/NHGRI
Principal Investigator Lincoln Stein (OICR, Toronto)
Co-investigators S. Lewis (LBNL, Berkeley), J. Kent (UCSC), G. Micklem (U. Cambridge)

The modENCODE project is a large-scale international initiative to characterise the functional genomic elements in the model organisms Drosophila and C. elegans through a series of coordinated high throughput experiments. The role of the Data Coordination Centre (DCC) is to provide data management support in terms of data storage, processing, validation, metadata collection and making the data from the project publicly accessible.

The Micklem group created modMine, an InterMine based data warehouse for accessing and analysing the modENCODE data. It includes standard InterMine features such as list analysis and flexible query capabilities, as well as tools such as a gene interaction browser and a region search tool.