Micklem Lab

University of Cambridge


InterMOD: integrated data and tools to support model organism research

Funding body NIH/NHGRI
Principal Investigator G. Micklem (U. Cambridge)
Co-investigators M. Cherry (Stanford University), J. Richardson (Jackson Laboratory), L. Stein (OICR, Toronto), E. Worthey (Medical College of Wisconsin), M. Westerfield (U. Oregon)

The project site, and links to the respective InterMine databases, is available here.

InterMOD is an international consortium composed of the InterMine team and five model organism databases: budding yeast (SGD), nematode worm (WormBase), rat (RGD), mouse (MGI) and zebrafish (ZFIN). The aim of this project is to improve the infrastructure available for cross-species research, in order to facilitate analyses and make tools more widely accessible. It aims to do so by establishing a common framework for the different model organism databases based around the InterMine system, implementing shared standards, and enabling interoperation between the databases in order to reduce the time and effort required for performing cross-organism analysis.