Micklem Lab

University of Cambridge


InterMine and HumanMine: enhancing the biomedical relevance of model organisms and enabling other data mining projects

Funding body Wellcome Trust
Principal Investigator G. Micklem (U. Cambridge)

InterMine is a data warehouse system developed by the Micklem group and already in use as a data warehouse framework by a number of model organism databases, including yeast (SGD), zebrafish (ZFIN), fly and nematode worm (as part of the modENCODE project), mouse (MGI) and rat (RGD). As such, InterMine is a good system to use for developing cross-species inter- operability, and indeed this is the aim of the NIH-funded InterMOD project.

This grant covers the continuing development of the InterMine framework, as well as the development of HumanMine - an extensive Homo sapiens genetics, genomics and proteomics resource built using the InterMine framework. The existence of HumanMine will both provide a new resource for human genetic research, and facilitate easier cross-organism research by creating improved links with model organism data.